motoDNA Diggers

For some time motoDNA has been engaging with current and former Australian Defence Force personnel through our motorcycle academy, not only delivering rider training but also exploring well-being benefits associated with motorcycles.

Our motoDNA Digger Sessions are delivered by two motorcycle riding Army veteran's who have studied evidence from neuroscience and administered it philosophically while studying Psychological Science.

Our guys can “speak Army” and believe ADF members are attracted to simple yet effective tools.

motoDNA Diggers program simply and practically facilitates cultivating self-awareness and wellbeing in ADF motorcycle riders through an ex-soldiers perspective.

Riding a motorcycle well and with longevity requires 3 primary elements.

- Good skill

- Road-craft (or race-craft)

- Correct mental approach

Often, we look to the aliens of motorcycles in MotoGP to see how to best ride a motorcycle.

MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo is a famous case.

The once fiery and temperamental Spaniard suddenly became a smooth, calm and ultra focused athlete, virtually overnight.

How did he do it?

Lorenzo spent the off-season studying mindfulness techniques to improve his concentration and motivation.

Today, no other rider is as focused as Lorenzo.

So how do we start improving our motorcycle riding through mindfulness?

It begins with focus and attention.

The best motoDNA students, the riders that improve out of sight, display certain traits.

They listen, attentively and are fully immersed in the feeling of energized concentration.

They Have Focus And You Can Too

If you can learn to harness and improve the quality of your own attention the spin offs can be significant.

The ultimate result is to experience the mental state that Psychologists call 'flow' or being in the ‘zone’.

Once you experience flow you wont want to go back.

When we perform well the dopamine kicks in and we get motivated to go to the next level. It’s a reward system that’s keeps on giving.

We can use mindfulness to not only improve our motorcycle riding performance but also our personal well-being.

Motorcycle’s Make Us Happy

Its well-known motorcyclists are a cheerful bunch.

The freedom and independence that we get from riding releases those happy endorphins.

Also, when we challenge ourselves on the track there is not much spare brain space as we concentrate on staying safe.

This is essentially the ultimate mindfulness, as we meditate on our bikes other noise is pushed out of our head leaving us feeling refreshed and empowered.

As we enjoy, or even anticipate, riding our bikes, a cocktail of chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin and serotonin that make us feel even happier are often released in the brain.

So what Do You Get?

- Full advanced rider-training day

- 6 x classroom riding theory sessions

- 6 x track riding sessions

- 3 x motoDNA Diggers sessions

- Video shadowing

- New riding skills

- Learn ongoing well-being techniques

- Develop motorcycle mate-ship

- Actively help development of motoDNA Diggers program

- ADF $50 discount – Book using coupon code Diggers

What do I do next?

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Further info:

Research shows that neurogenesis continues throughout an individual’s lifetime, therefore teaching old dogs new tricks is possible. Practices such as mindfulness have been shown to increase grey matter in the prefrontal cortex, an area associated with executive function. Executive function encompasses reason, logic and creativity, traits regularly displayed by high performers that would benefit any ADF member. People who practice mindfulness show an increased resilience to depression, reduced activity in the Amygdala (fight or flight governing area) and thus improve their bodies immune function by lowering the stress hormone cortisol, and as a result, wellbeing increase.