02nd Dec 2020 Lakeside DTC, Learner, QLD, Road

Wed 02 Dec 2020 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


motoDNA empower’s riders via our exciting and fun events taught by down to earth expert coaches with lots of value add.

Our unique system breaks down the art of riding motorcycles into the science of smoother and safer motorbike riding.


streetSKILLS 1    

– Bike controls

– Vision

– Reference points for the road

– Emergency braking

– Hazard avoidance

– Slow speed

– Road craft (theory)


streetSKILLS 2 

– Vision

– Line selection

– Speed management

– Road craft (theory)


Training is conducted at Lakeside training centre which provides a safe, closed circuit controlled environment. Students must be capable of riding to open road speed limits. Please note that no Slick Tyres, Tyre Warmers or Generators are to be used at Lakeside DTC.


Rider Training Centre, Lakeside Park, Kurwongbah, QLD 4503

Approx 30 km north of Brisbane CBD

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This event is fully booked.