23rd Aug 2020 NSW, Road, South Circuit, Track

Sun 23 Aug 2020 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


This day is exclusive to riders of YAMAHA motorcycles. Please only book if you intend on riding a YAMAHA motorcycle on track on this day.



streetSKILLS – Blue Group 

– Bike controls

– Vision

– Reference points for the road

– Emergency braking

– Hazard avoidance

– Slow speed

– Road craft (theory)


Intro to track – white group

– Understanding track lines

– Vision

– Reference points


Intermediate riders – yellow group

– Revision of Introduction to Track

– Body position

– More in depth on reference points


Fast riders – green group

– Revision of earlier levels

– Riding style/ in depth body position

– Trail braking

– Throttle/braking control

– Dissecting a corner



Ferrers Rd, Eastern Creek NSW 2766

Bookings (All prices include GST).

Ticket Type Price Select Option
Defensive Riding Focus
Track Introduction - White
First time on a racing circuit and slow riders.
Intermediate riders - Yellow Group
For those who have completed the Introduction course or have some track experience.
Fast riders - Green group
For experienced riders who are ready to move on from the Intermediate group, or those who have extensive track experience.

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