10th Sep 2021 GP Circuit, NSW, NSW, Track

Fri 10 Sep 2021 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Intro to track – white group

– Understanding track lines
– Vision
– Reference points


Intermediate riders – yellow group

– Revision of level Intro to Track
– Body position
– More in depth on reference points


Fast riders – green group

– Revision of earlier levels
– Riding style/ in depth body position
– Trail braking
– Throttle/braking control
– Dissecting a corner


Advanced riders – Red

– Advanced riding techniques
– Weighting the bars/pegs
– Bike and rider dynamics
– Tailored training to the riders’ abilities


Students must be capable of riding to open road speed limits.


Ferrers Rd, Eastern Creek NSW 2766

Bookings (All prices include GST).

Ticket Type Price Select Option
Track Introduction - White
First timers and slow riders
Intermediate riders - Yellow group
For those who have completed the Introduction course or have some track experience.
Fast riders - Green group
For experienced riders who are ready to move on from the Intermediate group, or those who have extensive track experience.
Advanced - Red group
For racers, regular track riders and those finding the fast group too slow.

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