Lorenzo Masterclass At The CzechGP

17th Aug 2015 Racing

An epic showdown was promised, with little separating the top aliens in MotoGP qualifying at the Brno #CzechGP. The top 5 riders within 0.5 second including Rossi on the front row, it looked like the GOAT had finally sorted his quail demons.


However in the race, Rossi had a torrid start and got stuck in traffic leaving Lorenzo and Marquez to disappear into the distance. Rossi couldn’t find his rhythm either and was off his quail pace a tad to take the final position on the podium.

Marquez followed Lorenzo closely for most of the race until his rear tyre went off. Adding to the young Spaniards woes, Lorenzo went event quicker as his fuel load reduced, braking later and running higher corner speeds.

Lorenzo, strong all weekend eventually won by over 4 seconds completing perhaps a pivotal swing in the championship by taking over the top spot, just.

Lorenzo’s masterclass was amazing. Not even one small mistake to be seen. Like a robot, so smooth, consistent and very fast. This is a pity for the spectacle but you can appreciate Lorenzo’s skill and courage.

As a Racer, Engineer and Coach this Moto Journo loves MotoGP whatever. But as we know its all about the show and it was lacking. It will be interesting to see what the new ECU does for the spectacle, hopefully its got a push to pass button.

In the meantime enjoy Scott Jones MotoGP tech art gallery below.

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