motoDNA – Girl Power

08th Sep 2015 Rider Safety, Videos, Women

Recent studies emerging from the US indicate women who ride motorcycles are happier, with better relationships and increased confidence.

Motorcycles are lots of things to lots of people. Through training thousands of students over the years, motoDNA studenet feedback ranges from pure fun and freedom through to meditative and healing powers.

Further evidence of motorcycle’s healing powers has come from diggers that have been through the motoDNA program. They often comment on the feeling of happiness through the pleasure of riding and the community of motorcycling, helping them deal with the trauma they have experienced serving our country.

There also seems to be a trend of middle-aged ladies coming through who also feel empowered.

In our experience women are not alone in feeling happier than those unfortunates who don’t ride. It seems the same study would most likely report the same findings for men.

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motoDNA Women only training groups simply have no blokes present so ladies are guaranteed an ego and testosterone free environment to relax and focus on improving their riding skills and confidence.

The course has since evolved to include training specific to ladies, focusing on particular elements that dramatically improve female rider skills such as slow speed manoeuvring, braking and counter steering, even yoga is sometimes included.

Over 90% of motoDNA’s female students give feedback and the ladies only training course is constantly evolving to fit with women riders needs.

Men could learn a lot from the ladies attitude to training, taking their time to focus on one drill at a time without rushing to get their knee on the ground!

motoDNA’s ethos is to encourage students to step a few percent outside their comfort zone on each skill session. This results in an accumulative gain in understanding not only the riding techniques being taught but also the rider’s and their motorcycles limits.

This is important as it drastically reduces the chance of a moment on the road and the often negative survival reaction that can automatically kick in.

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