Norwell Motorplex Noise Test

  A simple app to check your noise levels

Exhaust Close Up

Due to local council noise restrictions at Norwell Motorplex we have provided a quick noise test using a free and simple iPhone app.

NIOSH (link to app here) is an app that has been designed for Apple device microphones, and will provide you with an approximate reference.

Directions for the test are as follows:

1. Go to NIOSH (link to app here) and download/install to an Apple device.

(We tested on iPhone 5’s and 6’s)

2. Open the app and your screen should be displaying the instantaneous level [dB (A)]. It is important that it is dB (A) and not dB(B) or dB(Z).

This can be changed in the settings screen if required.

Screenshot of sound meter iPhone application

3. Have your motorcycle in a relatively open area, and not in an enclosed shed or similar. That is, a relatively flat driveway with no gates, vehicles, gutters within 3m.

The ambient noise level should be 10dB below the expected test level of approx. 85 – 110 dB.

4. Setup your phone to have the microphone directed to the exhaust exit, 500mm from the opening at a 45 degree angle, and a minimum of 200mm from the ground.Typical Motorbike Microphone Locations

5. Start your motorcycle and let it warm up.

6. Once warm, rev your motorcycle to 3-4k RPM below redline (a common rev range for motorcycles undertaking training and where sound levels start to increase dramatically). Take note of the instantaneous reading on the phone.

7. Run several tests to get a good average reading for your machine.

Compare to the readings below

The following readings and are considered acceptable for Norwell:

2017 MT10, standard exhaust and intake.
94db @ 9k RPM, 12k Redline.

2009 Street Triple, Standard exhaust and intake.

100dB @ 7k RPM and the bike has a 10k Redline.

2017 R1 Akra slip on with dB killer
104dB @ 11k RPM, 14k Redline

The following result was from a race bike and is not acceptable for use at Norwell:

2017 R6, Full Akra system (headers and pipe)

114dB @ 12k RPM, 16k Redline.

Please note, using a phone will give you an approximate guide but is not a substitute for a noise meter.

If your bike fails the noise test at the circuit we can transfer or refund your booking.

More info:

The method of testing is similar to the National Transport Commission (NTC) and the National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC) stationary test procedure for vehicles.

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