The motoDNA crew were recently invited to the advanced screening of the iconic motorcycle movie On any Sunday: The Next Chapter.

Madison Magee interview

motoDNA's athletes rubbed shoulders with motorcycling's royalty including Robbie Madison, Troy Bayliss, Jason Crump and Kevin Magee at the cool Sydney venue. The original On Any Sunday starred Steve McQueen, his mate Malcolm Smith and riders of the day.

Madison Magee

The movie brought the mainstream into our world showcasing the absolute joy and empowerment that comes from riding a bike.

Red Bull Sidecar

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter features riders Travis Pastrana, James Stewart Marc Márquez and Aussie Robbie Madison tackling the epic Utah Winter Olympic Nordic Ski Jump on his KTM.

Joel Kelso Jessica Gardiner

Maddo dropped 20 stories and jumped 378 feet in his epic jump featured in the movie.

Wise words from Robbie that ring with motoDNA: "You’ve gotta follow your dreams in life. And when you’re passionate about something that’s what makes you feel alive. If it makes you excited and motivated, then you know you’re on the right path.”

Thanks to Red Bull for some of the images.

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