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Training for track riding

trackSKILLS is a unique & industry leading training program developed by motoDNA's former MotoGP racers and MotoGP Engineers to help riders reach optimum riding performance.

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RACERS Ride Days are recreational events for motorcyclists who want to ride safely and legally at whatever speed they’re comfortable at.

They run at Queensland Raceway, Lakeside Raceway (Qld) and Barbagallo (WA).

Group Information

Racers sanctioned Ride Days cater for all levels of ability with five different groups based on experience and ability.

You’ll start in the Induction Group, where you’ll receive training from motoDNA coaches on lines, entering and leaving the pits, protocols and other aspects of how to integrate into the other groups as your learn the track and how everyone rides together safely.

Once you’re up to speed with the Induction Group you will move on to one of the other four groups.

Group 1 New Riders – Induction Group: As explained above. Mandatory Entry Level Group for riders new to ride days.
Group 2 Intermediate – Formula Group: Next step up from the Induction Group and for those who prefer to ride at a more casual pace. (no undertaking into corners)
Group 3 Advanced – GT Group: For riders who want to take another step up in pace from the Formula Group. (again no undertaking into corners)
Group 4 Fast – Corsa Group: First of the two Groups for advanced riders who have experience and ride at pace. (undertaking safely into corners allowed)
Group 5 Race – FX Group: Second of the top two groups for experienced riders who ride at pace. (again undertaking safely into corners allowed)

All riders are required to hold a current RACERS Clubman Licence, either 1 day for $20 or if doing multiple days save by purchasing an annual licence for only $65.

There are noise restrictions at Lakeside Park – if your bike has a non standard exhaust or race system, please read the information regarding noise on the RACERS website.

For more information about Queensland events call RACERS at the office on 07 5461 9100 or visit their website.

For Western Australian events call 0432 362 971 or visit the website.


For groups 2 - 5 this course will cover:

  • SkillCard measurement
  • Video shadowing
  • Vision
  • Throttle control
  • Trail braking
  • Body position
  • Chassis & suspension setup
  • Tyres
  • Sliding - Front & rear
  • Plus loads more ...

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