11th Mar 2016 Rider Safety, Technique, Women

Understand Your Riding Level

Your passion for riding is absolute.

RiderCheck by motoDNA is about taking that next step.

Whether you want to be a better rider or simply understand your current level.

RiderCheck is a video analyzed road ride with a motoDNA instructor.

Your road-craft and riding skill is assessed using motoDNA's 100 point check system.

How does it work?

motoDNA RiderCheck lasts 2 hours and consists of 3 elements.

1 - Rider briefing – 10 mins
2 - Observed road ride – 60 mins 
3 - Rider debrief - 45 min

Pre-planned Route with mix of urban and country roads.

Your motoDNA motorcycle instructor shadows the student.     

Your video is analyzed with your riding group over a coffee.

Your Instructor provides feedback on your riding skill and road-craft.

Your riding level is mapped and a training plan is created and emailed overnight.

Your riding group will include a maximum of 6 students per instructor.

Safety Bubble


Understand your riding level
Increased riding skill
Increased road-craft
Improved attitude
Improved hazard awareness
Ride smoother
Improved confidence
Increase riding consciousness

Select one of 3 daily sessions:

Morning session 8 – 10am
Midday session 11 – 1pm
Afternoon session 2 – 4pm

North Brisbane – Ride starts and finishes from Albany Creek.

North Lakes - Ride starts and finishes from Northstar Yamaha, North Lakes.