Riding A Motorcycle At 265 km/h With Your Eyes Closed

23rd Mar 2015 Adventure, News, Racing

Imagine riding a motorcycle at over 265 km/h with you eyes closed ! 

Thats exactly what motoDNA athlete Ben Felten will be doing when he attempt's to break the World Record for the fastest speed riding a motorcycle whilst blindfolded.

Ben, who is completely blind after a motorcycle accident, has been training relentlessly with motoDNA Legend coach Kevin Magee at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The record is currently held by Billy Baxter, of the UK at 265.33 km/h. The attempt must be completed within one hour and involves two runs, one in each direction of the 2.15km long runway. The top speed is then averaged.

Ben will be supported by two chase riders, giving him directions and a chase car which will be filming the event.

Check out Ben and his Blind Speed Team's journey as captured by Daily Planet, Discovery Channel North America..