The motoDNA Experience @ Sydney Motorsport Park

24th Mar 2015 News, Rider Safety, Technique

Motorcycle riders of all levels enjoying great weather and the motoDNA experience on the South Circuit - 18th March 2015.

Grand Prix Legend Coaches including: Kevin Magee, Garry McCoy, Pete Goddard, Mark Willis and John Pace.


Ashlee De Bakker summed up the day ...

"Thanks again Mark and your team for another great day. As always walking away with a huge smile on my face. Learnt heaps. "

Pete Goddard 2

“Ride beyond with motoDNA”

Pete Goddard

 What a cracking day!! Irish & Linden were both great instructors. Setting was ideal! I really cant believe how much I changed just through 1 day  - if you haven't already done one of these you will learn more than you realise. Fantastic team to do it with!!! - Andy K


"It was a fantastic day!!!  We learnt heaps and gained a lot of confidence. Definitely not intimidating for the girls ( or girl) in this case. Thanks guys!!!!"  Leanne H

YH suppportes club

"More Skill = More Fun"

Rainbow BMW

"Hi Irish, Thank you for a great day on the 27th. Initially I was a little concerned with my lack of experience but the instruction and the encouragement of both the coaches ant the other participants made it such an enjoyable and instructive day. I am looking forward to doing another course with you in the future. Thank you once again." Christine P


"Really enjoyed the day, great mix of riders & machines. Relative newbie to the bike scene & eager to learn. Had to remove the studs on the end of the foot pegs to stop the wear - started on the side stand then. Went for a group ride the next day with new found confidence on the limits of the tires & brakes. Weight distribution was the biggy for me, what a difference in the corners - makes you realise how lazy you get on the road. Got a lot out of a single day at the track with the help of IRISH. Thanks for a great day  - riding with much more confidence." Ian



"Hi Mark, thanks for the video of the day .  I have been riding motorbikes  for about 30 years and NOW I can use my front brake with confidence...! What a wonderful day with Mark and his motoDNA team. I was a little concerned that I would lose a bit of my joy for the wonder of the open road  by learning a bit about the track... I was right - wow what a day...! Ill be back . It is great meeting you and your team. A firm handshake and a look in the eye, and that wealth of knowledge like that is hard to find. Great day" - Kim B


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