Trackside Nerves to Sliders on Kerbs

A motoDNA student’s journey to better riding.

In early 2019, Ryan Chen decided to pursue his passion for riding and improve his track skills. He signed up for a motoDNA training day. Riding his Yamaha YZF-R6 to Sydney Motorsport Park, he started as a trackSKILLS beginner on the Gardner GP Circuit.

Ryan’s first session nerves were clear. Feeling stiff and uncomfortable on his bike, Ryan’s unwavering attention to his coach and the breakdown of his technique made a quick impression on his riding style.

Taking note and following the drills set out by his coach, he made solid incremental improvement to his lines, vision and body position. He was soon lapping the circuit quickly and confidently, studying his video shadowing to identify opportunities to progress.

All too soon, his first day was over. But Ryan wasn’t done. He had knee sliders to scrape.

At the next GP Circuit day he was back out on track, riding at the top of the beginner group and showing his growing experience. Settling into the first session, by midday he was experimenting with speed and trail braking. His head was up and he was looking smooth.

On the 19th of May, Ryan arrived at SMSP’s South Circuit to join the intermediate group. He had been practicing his body position with the bike on stands, and perfecting his vision on the street.

Through the first two sessions Ryan, the bike and his tyres warmed up. Attacking the technical and demanding South Circuit bends, the lessons and practice began to click.

Session three, diving downhill towards the hairpin, he set up and turned in. Slung across the bike, head up and elbow driving toward tarmac, he felt it.

His knee pucks were scraping the black hot mix.


Beaming, Ryan returned to the pit garage, logos worn firmly off the sliders.

motoDNA head coach and former MotoGP race engineer Mark ‘Irish’ McVeigh said Ryan’s progress was fantastic.

“He’s a star pupil who made clear, fast and impressive progress since first coming on board just a few months ago. He followed our system, stayed in the flow channel and put it all together. We look forward to taking his riding even further.”

Ryan thanked his coaches for helping him to take his riding to a new level.

“I want to say thank you to motoDNA. I can see how much I have improved from the coaching days. A special Thanks to York Chen, as a friend, he is nice and kind, always keen to answer all my silly questions. You know, a newbie has lots of them! As a coach, York was very professional and patient. Thanks to all the awesome staff. motoDNA. Highly recommended.”

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