Final Instructions Sydney Motorsport Park – GP Circuit


Circuit entry – Gates open at 7.30am

Park your bike in your designated garage – this will be emailed to you. The garage will be shared with other riders in your group.

Then head up upstairs to the ARDC Garage Cafe grab a coffee and sign on – bring your driving license for ID.

Our roving Scrutineer’s will come to your bike – They will leave a special sticker on your screen.

The Mandatory Riders briefing will be held in the ARDC Garage Cafe at 8.30am – If you miss the riders briefing you will not be able to participate in the event.

Your Coach will then brief you before you head out on track from 9am – 5pm (20 min sessions)

Please note the following:

Only paying customers are allowed in the classrooms – No spectators, mechanics, personal coaches, mates, etc please turn your phone to silent when in class.

Cameras of any type including helmet cams are not permitted.

Photos are available on our Facebook page post event.

The ARDC Garage café will be open all day plus you can bring your own drinks and snacks.

Please ensure you are well hydrated the day before and bring plenty of fluids.

Track sessions are 20 mins and run all day with a short break for marshalls at Midday.

No timing or pit boards are permitted.

If it rains, you may get wet.

To help you learn the track, check out the Gardner GP circuit layout below.

Please also read the following important training day info:

Follow the arrows to find us at Sydney Motorsport Park or head to the link:




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