Lakeside Training Centre - Final Instructions

The address is Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah, Queensland.

Follow the gold line to the Rider Training Centre (DTC) at Lakeside.

Map of Lakeside Training Centre

You can ride in your road gear, full leathers are not mandatory.

(Full face helmet, Jacket, full length pants, gloves and boots that cover your ankle.)

Please bring along a full tank of fuel and ensure your bike is road or track worthy.

You won't need extra fuel.

Pay particular attention to your tire pressures and that your chain is correctly tensioned as per owners manual.

Your mirrors should be folded in to prevent distraction.

The track canteen will be open TBC, and you are welcome to bring your own snacks and lunch.

Please ensure you are well hydrated the day before and bring plenty of fluids.

Tea and coffee is provided.

Please also note the following:

If it rains we may get wet.

Strictly no spectators, partners, etc are allowed into the circuit or training room.

No photography or video cameras - Photos are posted on our Facebook page post event.

Please also ensure you read the info page

See you all on Sat for a fun learning day.

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