motoDNA Motorcycle Training

Terms and Conditions


These conditions form the basis of safe preparation and participation in any motoDNA Training Day. Please read them carefully.

For answers to questions you may have, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Riders Licence & Age

You must present your Road or Race licence on the day. If you do not bring it, you will not be allowed to ride and your monies will not be forfeited.

The minimum licence requirement (issued by the road transport authority within your state/country) to participate in a motoDNA Training Day is:

– Provisional Licence for trackSKILLS

– Learners Permit for the streetSKILLS

We do not accept Learner’s Permits outside of the streetSKILLS Course. Should a Learner’s Permit be presented for any other group than streetSKILLS, the rider will not be able to participate in the booked event and no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

All riders must be 13 years of age or older. Junior riders must hold an MA licence with Senior Endorsement to include Road Race Production 250cc-500cc 4-stroke to ride in groups outside of Junior specific Groups.


Minimum riding gear requirements

streetSKILLS (also known as RideSAFE for Australian Defence Force personnel)

Riders in the streetSKILLS course can ride in road gear.

Road gear requires you to have at minimum:

– Full face helmet of Australian Standards or European Standards

– Motorcycle jacket

– Full length motorcycle specific pants

– Motorcycle gloves that cover your wrists.

– Boots that cover your ankles (no exposed skin).

We recommend that all riders in all groups wear a back protector.

Please note for safety that any rider wearing road gear is required to stay at road speed (110km/h maximum) whilst on track.


trackSKILLS (this includes Intro to Track groups)

Riders in the trackSKILLS course are required to wear:

– Motorcycle leather one-piece suit or 2-piece leather jacket and pants which zip together (no textile clothing allowed),

– Leather motorcycle gloves / gauntlet style gloves that cover your wrists (no exposed skin)

– Full-face helmet of minimum Australian Standards or equivalent

– Full height leather motorcycle boots which overlap the leather pants (no exposed skin)

We recommend that all riders in all groups wear a back protector

If you do not have the appropriate gear as noted above, you will not be allowed to ride and your monies will be forfeited. If you email us 7-days prior to your booking we may be able to assist you in finding suitable gear for hire.


Riders Briefing

All riders must be present for the mandatory Riders Briefing at 8.30am. You will be notified via the PA system prior to the start of the briefing. Your safety and the safety of others on the circuit is our main concern. Any rider who does not attend the briefing will not be allowed on the circuit until another briefing can be arranged for you.


Bike Preparation

All participants are responsible for ensuring their motorcycle is suitable mechanical condition. Any motorcycle that is currently road-registered is suitable for track riding.



There is zero tolerance on dangerous riding. Any student found to be doing stunts, wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, etc., will be asked to leave immediately and face potential bans from future events.

This is not a race day, it is a Training Day; this is meant to be a fun, safe and enjoyable day for all riders at all skill levels.

All riders must adhere to the motoDNA safety bubble: 2 seconds to the bike in front. 2 metres from a bike either side of you.


Hold your line

Do not try to move from your line to allow for riders coming from behind – it is up to the passing rider to do so while maintaining the safety bubble.

All riders should be aware that others riders are practising different drills, based on their level of experience, and you should use caution to manage closing speeds.



Yellow flag: Slow down and no overtaking. This is likely caused by a rider down, and/or there has been mechanical failure, and/or there debris on the track.

Green flag: Track is clear, ok to enter the circuit with caution.

Red flag: The session has been stopped or is completed and you are required to exit the circuit. Slow down gradually, do not stop, as there may be a rider behind at speed, complete your current lap, and return to the pits.

Black flag: If a situation develops that requires a rider return to the pits ASAP, a black flag WILL BE WAVED AT YOU on the main straight. When you return to the pits ask an official what the problem is.

Chequered flag: Indicates end of session. Complete your lap and return at a safe pace back to the pits.


Spectators and Children

All spectators, including pit and support crew must wear enclosed shoes, and must be able to be aware of and identify hazards.

No one under the age of 16 years is permitted in the Pit Area unless accompanied by an adult with the only exception being riders in an event who have been cleared for participation by the Event Organiser.



We cannot control the weather. If it rains, we ride. If it’s hot, we ride. The day still goes ahead, unless deemed by Event Organisers or Officials that the track is unsafe.

Riders must ride within their own limits and the limits of their motorcycle at all times and ride according to track conditions. It is your decision if you ride in part or all of the day. It is up to you to take into account your riding ability, weather conditions and condition of your equipment and motorcycle. If you choose not to ride on the day, your monies will be forfeited and no rescheduling can be made.

If a day is cancelled due to weather, no refunds or credits will be offered.


Interruptions to the day

If we experience any interruptions on the day due to incidents, breakdowns, inclement weather, or any other issue that could reasonably be considered outside of motoDNA’s control, there will be no reimbursement, reschedule or compensation for any missed track time in any way, shape or form.


Recording & Timing devices allowed on circuit

Video Recording and Lap timing devices are allowed at motoDNA Training Days. Any camera or timing device are to be secured to bike with 1) manufacturer’s mount and 2) tethered from secondary fixture to unit. No body or helmet devices are allowed.


In the event of a camera / timing device falling off your bike please note the following:

  1. Should your camera/timer fall off during a session DO NOT attempt to stop during your riding session. We cannot and will not stop the day to look for a camera/timer.
  2. There is NO track access to the circuit at anytime before, during, or after the event to search for missing cameras and timing devices.
  3. Should your camera/timer be recovered by a marshal or event organsier, you must be able to identify your camera/timer easily.


Cancellation and Changes to Booking Policy

There are no refunds (in part or in full) within one week (7 consecutive days) prior to an event regardless of the reason (including, but not limited to; weather conditions; work requirements; motorcycle problems; family crisis; and health problems).


Riders may reschedule or cancel their booking, provided:


Riders may transfer a position to another rider provided inside the 7 days prior to the event, provided:


You can do this by contacting the motoDNA Customer Care Team


 Fail to attend or not ride on the day

motoDNA accepts no responsibility if a rider fails to attend, cannot ride, is unfit to ride, or chooses not to ride in all or part of the day regardless of the reason (including, but not limited to; weather conditions; work requirements; motorcycle problems; family crisis; and health problems). On the day of the event there are no refunds or reschedules either in part or in full, including hire equipment.

Riders are not permitted to hand over their booking to another rider, either in part or in full, at any time during an event.



Sydney Motorsport Park has installed fuel bowsers and tanks at SMSP; seven self-serve nozzles dispense fuels 24 hour per day with payment made by an automated credit card system.
The closest petrol station is on the corner of Brahbam Drive and Great Western Highway. You can come and go freely from the track. But it’s best to let your coach know before you head off.

Strict guidelines must be followed when using fuels. The maximum amount of fuel permitted in garages is 20L per rider, and this is to be stored and labelled in containers that are Australian Standards compliant), and safe refuelling procedures (avoidance of spills and ignition sources).

The maximum quantity of fuel permitted is 20L per rider (in addition to fuel already in the motorcycle). Bikes are not to be refuelled in pit lane or within 5 metres of an ignition source i.e. tyre warmers must be switched off and there is to be no smoking whilst refuelling.


Gift Vouchers and Packages

Gift vouchers and packages are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and are subject to the same Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations and rescheduling. All are non-transferable, but can be considered for extension due to significant illness, or other extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis


Alcohol and Other Drugs

The consumption of alcohol and use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited at motoDNA Training Days. Any person found consuming, or to be affected by, alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to participate in the event. No refunds will be given under any circumstances, and perpetrators risk being expelled from the venue and refused participation in future events.


These rules are put in place and enforced for obvious safety reasons. Breaching any of these rules may result in expulsion from the track.


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