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Sydney Motorsport Park: There’s a reason it’s called the Gardner Circuit

This country has a number of excellent circuits, but there’s a reason motoDNA calls Sydney Motorsport Park home.

3.93 kilometres of flowing blacktop, the Gardner Circuit is lapped in just over 90 seconds by the best of the two-wheeled breed. Wide and smooth, the immaculately maintained hot mix straights offer brilliant speed. Its 12 turns demand careful control. Beautiful sweeping bends swell and dive through the landscaped hills, treating and challenging riders of every level.

Designed in collaboration with one of history’s greatest riders as a venue for top tier motorcycle racing, 1987 World Champion Wayne Gardner ensured the GP circuit would be a haven for riders.

Rewarding the committed, the Gardner Circuit’s infamous turn one is a rite of passage. The corner asks riders to steel their nerves and turn in late from the front straight at extreme speed. Experienced riders fly through the corner’s deep apex and late exit in excess of 200km/h as they barrel uphill to turn two.

The facilities South Circuit tightens things up. Combining technical turns and camber changes with sharp bursts of throttle, the shorter track pushes riders’ skills. Condensing the challenge of larger circuits, technique is critical on the SC. Here, riders progress is rapid, making flicking transitions through chicanes and leaning through hairpins before ripping past the pit building flat on the taps.

With a skid pad, figure-eight track and off-road testing facility alongside the circuits, there’s no where better to ride a motorcycle.

motoDNA CEO Mark McVeigh has raced and coached at the world’s best circuits both as a competitor and a MotoGP engineer.

“Sydney Motorsport Park is my first choice. The Australian Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) spends millions of dollars every year on making sure this tarmac is the best in the country. The facilities and the options available to us as coaches are second to none, but that’s secondary to one thing – I absolutely love riding this circuit. I wouldn’t base motoDNA anywhere else.”

With big plans to be unveiled at Sydney Motorsport Park this year, there’s never been a better time to come and have some fun at Australia’s ultimate motorcycle playground.

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