Yamaha’s Awesome new R3

02nd Aug 2019 News, NSW, QLD, Racing, Technique

A bike which rewards great riding and forgives mistakes, Yamaha’s R3 is perfect for both new riders and more experienced road riders to learn trackSKILLS and streetSKILLS.


The Yamaha YZF-R3 is a sporty small capacity Learner-Approved machine which ticks all the boxes for honing your riding skills – it’s small but not tiny, so even if you’re close to six foot (185cm) you can still ride one, where you might have trouble squeezing onto the even smaller 150cc R15 (which is very popular with teens learning road racing).

While many older rider might not consider a small bike like the R3 suitable for them, spending just $6299 on a machine which they can use to improve their skills often proves to be a really smart choice.

“Learning to ride the wheels off a small capacity bike before stepping up to a bigger machine will reap huge benefits to any rider,” said Nigel Paterson, Editor of Australian Road Rider magazine.

Unlike the bigger R-series Yamahas, there’s no aluminium chassis, the R3 gets by with a steel tubular unit. Aluminium isnÕt needed and would increase the price.

The compact liquid-cooled twin cylinder motor offers spirited performance and lots of fun without being threatening.


“On a small bike you can learn what it feels like to have tyres, suspension, brakes and the chassis all working hard, whereas on a big sportsbike like an R1 the bike is likely to be better than the rider, so it’s hard to know where the limits are. Much better to learn on a small, inexpensive bike”.
The larger 321cc four-stroke twin cylinder motor of the R3 is excellent on the track, loving to rev and providing plenty of speed, especially in the turns. There’s enough performance to have a lot of fun, but you’re unlikely to get yourself into performance trouble – you’re unlikely to be sliding the rear tyre of an R3 around dangerously.

For 2019 Yamaha has updated the chassis and suspension of the R3, making it a better handling motorcycle.
New 37mm forks and a revised rear shock have enhanced the handling, while the new sportier riding position means more confidence and feel when you’re riding fast.

Yamaha as also updated the styling and design, so it really looks like an important part of the Yamaha R-series family.
Weighing in at just 167kg, the R3, with its sticky Dunlop tyres can corner amazingly fast.
The Yamaha R3 is a great little sporty commuter machine – but it’s also a great platform to help build excellent riders.

Thanks to Australian Road Rider Magazine with the production of this article.